Saturday, January 16, 2010


Haiti is a country that was facing massive poverty before the quake hit. They have neither the money, nor infrastructure for rescue work and rebuilding. I urge you to donate what you can to help Haiti.

Naturopaths can have a role in the relief work. Natural Doctors Internation (NDI) is sending in relief teams. I would love to join one of these teams myself, but I don't have a passport! There is something that I can do though, I can donate to the group.

Please consider donating to NDI for their Haiti Relief Effort. Here's a message from NDI

We have all been deeply distressed by the news and images of the destruction in Haiti resulting from the earthquake some 48 hours ago. Within our own family, Dr. Sabine Thomas is still trying to establish communication with many of her relatives who live in Haiti. NDI is coordinating with Dr. Sabine Thomas, Bastyr University and many other volunteers in the naturopathic community to purchase supplies and organize a disaster relief team to travel to Haiti to give care. Our goal is to fundraise money to create a sustainable effort to send food, medical supplies and teams of interdisciplinary health providers (ND's, LAC's, LMP's, CNM's, MD's, ARNP's, etc) to Haiti. We are organizing our first trip for February or March of 2010. If you would like to participate in the trip or volunteer in any way, please email us at

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