Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free IUC (IUD) Insertion!

I plan on attending an intrauterine contraception training on Monday June 22 in Hillsboro. During this training I will have the chance to insert an IUC, either Paraguard or Mirena, for free!

If you are interested in several years worth of free birthcontrol, please let me know. For more information on IUDs click here. You must be available in Hillsboro on June 22 in the afternoon. Carpooling is a possibility. E-mail or call 541-663-6962.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remembering our Food

My toddler is currently cuddled in my lap. She's recovering from the discovery that food comes from other living things. This is a hard lesson to face, but one we all should remember. Our world of industrial farming and supermarkets have distanced us from realizing that the dollar menu once lived in a feedlot, or grew in fields.

If we all take the time to remember the lives that were sacrificed, so that we could eat, the world would be a better place. Truly knowing the source of our food forces us to eat more humanely. Some of us forgo the violence of meat and choose to eat lower on the food chain, while others buy meat from local small farmers who humanely raise and slaughter their animals.

Maybe we all should go fishing and see the spirit of the fish as it fights the hook. We can do as my daughter, and notice that fish have eyes like people. Whatever your choice, remember the sacrifice of the plants and animals that feed us. The next time you buy food, find out its story. Learn where it came from and how it was raised, try growing your own, the meal will be more satisfying because you know what went into it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Formulary Reform is Progressing!

It's time to email your Representative!

Thank you to all who contacted your Senators in support of OANP's bill to modernize the ND formulary to include all drugs used in a primary care setting.

The bill passed out of the Senate on a strong 22-7 vote, and has now moved on to the next step in this process. For those of you living in La Grande, Senator David Nelson did vote yes on this bill! The Oregon House of Representatives has now begun deliberating the bill.

Once again, we need you, your family, and friends to contact your REPRESENTATIVES this time to urge their support for SB 327.

Please click on the following link to send an email to your Representative.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Naturopathic Doctors Call For Real Health Care Reform

Today, over 100 naturopathic physicians and their supporters are gathering on Capitol Hill. They are asking that our healthcare system focus on health, rather than disease. H. CON. RES. 58 expresses "the sense of Congress that any effort to reengineer the healthcare system in the United States should incorporate sustainable wellness programs that address the underlying causal factors associated with chronic disease."

According to Karen Howard, Executive Director of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, “Today, our definition of ‘wellness’ is limited to drug screening, vaccinations, and other preventative strategies such as drug therapy, but we drastically undervalue how changing behavior can prevent disease. If the nation is to move past the current health care crisis, we must adopt a patient-centered health care model that will restore and maintain optimal health.”

Please join me in supporting healthcare by taking action. To learn more about naturopathic medicine please visit the AANP.
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