Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TB and War

Today is an important day on two blogging fronts. It's World TB Day and War and Peace Action Day. Many people see these as two separate events, but they are intimately related.

Since 2004, rates of illness and fatality from TB have dropped, but tuberculosis is still a threat. Over 33% of people infected do NOT get timely diagnosis and treatment, allowing this disease to spread. It is up to all of us to come up with ways to stop the spread of TB! One of these ways, is to try to limit armed conflict, and to utilize DOTS in these areas.

People in conflict areas are even more likely to delay treatment, than those in non-conflict areas. This makes sense because resource allocation is shifted to the military, rather than to civilians. Healthcare services may no longer be available in the area, and accessing them can be dangerous. This means that even people who recognize the symptoms of TB, may not be able to get treatment. Many of these people attempt to treat themselves before they are able to seek medical care. This delay in getting the correct medications can result in further disease progression and transmission.

We tend to picture wars as killing only via weapons-caused wounds. We forget that normal disease processes are still happening. The social upheaval that armed conflict causes, allows disease to have a greater negative impact.

In this age of quick international travel, it is vital that we pay attention to disease progression on a global scale. As humans, we reach out to others to offer aid and comfort. Rather than offering a bandage, we should try to prevent injury in the first place. We need to focus on preventing armed conflicts, and when they do occur, we need to help people receive timely high quality care.

For more information on World TB Day events please visit the Stop TB Partnership and Bloggers Unite World TB Day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Antibacterial Soap

Do you really need to use antibacterial soap? Does it protect your family more than conventional soap, or is it harming them?

Many people fell into the fad of using antibacterial products. Numerous products hopped on the bandwagon- soap, toothpaste, children's products, etc. However, this was a trend that may have actually resulted in harming the health of the public, rather than protecting it.

Multiple studies have shown that triclosan (the most common antibacterial product) containing soaps are no more effective at reducing the symptoms of illness, or bacterial levels on hands, than ordinary soap! We have a populace that has been fooled into believing that antibacterial products are better, when they have the same efficacy as conventional products. However, there is a dark side to using antibacterial products that doesn't exist with conventional ones.

Research has shown that many common bacteria are resistant to triclosan! These products that people are using to protect themselves from bacteria have instead created antibiotic-resistant strains. In a world where pathogens are rapidly gaining antibiotic resistance, why are we increasing the chance? People using antibiotic soaps are using products that are no more effective than conventional ones, while putting the entire population at risk for antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Do yourself and society a favor, stop using antibacterial products!

I’m participating in Kitchen Stewardship’s Spring Cleaning Carnival, Get the Antibacterials Out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out! Carnival

I just learned about a wonderful opportunity happening during the next couple of months. Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish clued me into the “Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out!" Blog Carnival. The organizer, Katie at Kitchen Stewardship, describes the Carnival as the following:

Instead of focusing on your physical space, we’ll look at a myriad of issues that you may want to get out of their diets, cleaning cupboards, bad habit collections or mental baggage. Each week, a different blog will host a theme that fits their mission and a linky for YOU to link up any pertinent posts.

Related posts for the linky might include a tips post, a recipe, a personal story of getting that issue “out”, or even questions you have about the issue.

Here’s the list of hostesses and weekly themes so you can plan to participate. There will be giveaways for each week, with entries both for linking up at your blog and for leaving comments for all you non-bloggers. New and old posts welcome!

  1. 3/23 Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship: antibacterial soap/bleach
  2. 3/30 Amy @ Simply Sugar and Gluten Free: gluten
  3. 4/6 Beth @ Fake Plastic Fish: plastic food containers
  4. 4/13 Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up: refined sugar
  5. 4/20 Micaela @ Mindful Momma: parabens
  6. 4/27 Lenetta @ Nettacow: food additives
  7. 5/4 Kelly the Kitchen Kop: CAFOs
  8. 5/11 Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers: pesticides
  9. 5/18 Mandi @ Organizing Your Way: clutter
  10. 5/25 Claire @ Saving Money Plan: debt
I encourage all of my readers to participate in this "spring cleaning." I will try my best to participate, but will be busy with moving and starting my new internship at TrueNorth.
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