Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out! Carnival

I just learned about a wonderful opportunity happening during the next couple of months. Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish clued me into the “Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out!" Blog Carnival. The organizer, Katie at Kitchen Stewardship, describes the Carnival as the following:

Instead of focusing on your physical space, we’ll look at a myriad of issues that you may want to get out of their diets, cleaning cupboards, bad habit collections or mental baggage. Each week, a different blog will host a theme that fits their mission and a linky for YOU to link up any pertinent posts.

Related posts for the linky might include a tips post, a recipe, a personal story of getting that issue “out”, or even questions you have about the issue.

Here’s the list of hostesses and weekly themes so you can plan to participate. There will be giveaways for each week, with entries both for linking up at your blog and for leaving comments for all you non-bloggers. New and old posts welcome!

  1. 3/23 Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship: antibacterial soap/bleach
  2. 3/30 Amy @ Simply Sugar and Gluten Free: gluten
  3. 4/6 Beth @ Fake Plastic Fish: plastic food containers
  4. 4/13 Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up: refined sugar
  5. 4/20 Micaela @ Mindful Momma: parabens
  6. 4/27 Lenetta @ Nettacow: food additives
  7. 5/4 Kelly the Kitchen Kop: CAFOs
  8. 5/11 Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers: pesticides
  9. 5/18 Mandi @ Organizing Your Way: clutter
  10. 5/25 Claire @ Saving Money Plan: debt
I encourage all of my readers to participate in this "spring cleaning." I will try my best to participate, but will be busy with moving and starting my new internship at TrueNorth.

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