Friday, March 6, 2009

Beautiful Cervix

Its important for people to understand their own body. Everyone is unique, and doctors rely on people knowing when something is abnormal in themselves. Most people are familiar with their own body by virtue of living in it. However, their is one body part that most women know about, but have never seen.

A woman's cervix is often a familiar, yet mysterious part. Most women go through their lives without seeing what a cervix actually looks like. All of my patients are given the option to view their own cervix during a speculum exam. Its really amazing to watch the face of a woman as she sees her cervix for the time. There is a sense of connection and ownership, no longer is her cervix a mysterious part "down there."

I encourage women to ask their doctors about viewing their cervix. Until you have the opportunity to view your own, I've found the second best thing. A young woman has posted photos of her cervix on the web. I encourage you to visit and view the cervix pictures.

Get to know your own body. To schedule an appointment with me, to view your cervix or otherwise, call 541-963-6962.

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