Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day approaching many people are starting to think about gifts for moms. This is an opportunity to thank the mothers in your life. While thinking about what to do for Mother's Day, remember to consider the environment and health!

The ladies at GladRags recently posted a wonderful blog entry about giving green. Many people don't need any more physical possessions. If you do find something perfect for a mother in your life please consider buying something second-hand. For wrapping you can buy or make a reusable cloth gift bag. I personally love using Wrapsacks! I'm a sucker for the track-a-sack feature. For me its rewarding seeing how many times my bags get reused. GladRags also sell reusable gift bags, and are offering 20% off bags until 5/9 (coupon code MAMAMIA). If you get one of their bags, please let me know how you liked it!

For many busy mothers out there, the gift of service is the best. Simple acknowledgment of the hard work that mothers perform is very appreciated. You can treat her by performing some of her usual duties, of course doing this for more than one day is really appreciated!

The gift of health is a wonderful gift. Many places offer gift certificates, and if they don't you can simply offer to pay! Treat the mother in your life to a massage, acupuncture, dental visit, eye exam, or doctors visit.  Many of these are especially appreciated by the underinsured. Imagine how happy she will be to have the gift of health.

Still struggling for ideas? I don't know anyone who could resist a weekend stay at Breitenbush Hot Springs! Cooking and cleaning performed by someone else, natural hot springs, massage therapy- an amazing getaway. Don't forget to arrange a carpool!

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