Friday, February 6, 2009

The fight against human obesity

Our society is being overrun by an obesity epidemic. There are many studies underway to fight it. One recent study suggests that arginine may prevent obesity. We need to be cautious in our use of arginine though.

Dietary arginine can exacerbate herpes outbreaks. By the age of 50, 90% of Americans may be infected with herpes. Herpes can present genitally and orally. Oral outbreaks are commonly called cold sores, or fever blisters.

People should focus on cheap, simple, and effective treatments. A healthy diet and excercise will treat and prevent obesity in many cases. We must put personal effort into our own health. There are very few magic pills out there. Most pills have possible negative side effects, including supplements.

People need to be aware that arginine may make their herpes worsen before starting to supplement arginine. Naturopaths are experts in supplements and can assist you in finding a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. To schedule a consult with me please call 541-663-6962.

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