Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day

Please join me in ending HIV prejudice. Today, across the globe, we join in honoring and remembering those afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

Make sure you know the facts about HIV.
  • It is not spread through casual contact! You will not get HIV by hugging someone who is infected.
  • People with HIV do not necessarily look sick. You cannot tell if someone is infected simply by looking at them!
  • Respect yourself and your sexual partners by using condoms every time you have intercourse.
  • Don't use IV drugs! If you do, make sure you have a new needle every time.
  • Get tested.
  • If someone tells you they have HIV/AIDS treat them with respect and honor confidentiality.
  • HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence, people are living long meaningful lives after diagnosis.

For more information about HIV/AIDS please visit If you are interested in testing please call and make an appointment, 541-963-7435. In honor of World AIDS Day I am offering 50% off appointments focused on HIV/AIDS testing and treatment during the month of December.

Facing AIDS - World AIDS day 2008

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