Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dirty Hairbrush? A Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

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How often do you buy a new hairbrush? Why do you get a new one? If you're buying new brushes because of lint build-up, stop! There's no need to create more trash simply because your brush is dirty. Cleaning a hairbrush is a rather simple process that doesn't take much time.

I've had the same hairbrush since at least 2000. I remove loose hair from it, when it builds up, probably every 1-2 weeks. I know other people who clean out the hair after every use, but you don't have to. Many people recommend thoroughly cleaning your brush every 1-2 weeks, but I didn't do it until this week after a decade of use.

  1. Remove all the loose hair from the brush. A wide tooth comb is useful for this step, but not necessary.
  2. Fill your bathroom sink with hot water and add a squeeze of your shampoo to it.
  3. Place your hairbrush, bristles down, into the sudsy water.
  4. Sleep! :)
  5. In the morning drain the water and remove build-up from the brush with a wide-tooth comb, nail brush, or fingers.
  6. If there's still build up, repeat the next night.

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