Monday, October 19, 2009

Response to "Do NOT Let Your Child Get Flu Vaccine -- 9 Reasons Why"

I keep seeing "Do NOT Let Your Child Get Flu Vaccine -- 9 Reasons Why" as interpreted by Dr Mercola get posted. The problem with this list is most of the reasons are misleading or wrong. Please make sure that your facts are straight! The original post is from Bill Sardi and is a longer list that can be found at It at least has some research to support the assertions, but it was theoretically-based and is now outdated.

  1. The number of flu related deaths for this time of year is increased over normal years.
  2. Neither seasonal nor H1N1 vaccine require 2 doses, except in children 9 and under, who need the repeated stimulation to mount a full immune response.
  3. In the US no adjuvants are being used.
  4. The vaccines that were tested this summer are the ones that are being given to the public.
  5. Vets have issues with booster doses not initial dosing.
  6. There are many things that could be causing an increase in autism rates. High fructose corn syrup has recently been implicated as another possible contributor as it contains mercury. Flu Mist does not contain thimerosal, but the injectable form does.
  7. Anti-virals are better at preventing flu than actually treating it, any pharmacist will tell you this. Not sure how this relates to vaccination, except not vaccinating may lead to more people becoming sick and being given antivirals which could lead to resistance. (See my previous post on this topic
  8. This is really the same as #7. Basically, not vaccinated has a higher possibility of breeding resistant strains than vaccinating.
  9. More should be done to teach about prevention. However, most people in public health are nurses who are not allowed to give this type of advice without orders from a doctor. This is really a reason to fix our healthcare system, rather than not vaccinate. I totally agree that preventative measures besides vaccination should be taught to the public. Presently, it looks like this teaching needs to come from primary care physicians, rather than public health.

I ask that people do their research before buying into scare tactics. I don't care if the scare tactics are to get you not to vaccinate, or to vaccinate. You are responsible for your own health! Do the responsible thing and do research into things that frighten, or confuse you.

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