Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free IUC (IUD) Insertion!

I plan on attending an intrauterine contraception training on Monday June 22 in Hillsboro. During this training I will have the chance to insert an IUC, either Paraguard or Mirena, for free!

If you are interested in several years worth of free birthcontrol, please let me know. For more information on IUDs click here. You must be available in Hillsboro on June 22 in the afternoon. Carpooling is a possibility. E-mail or call 541-663-6962.


Doc Mock said...

I am no longer seeking volunteers. Thank you for your interest.

Anna Spears said...

seIUD's are now considered by some experts to be the most cost-effective and efficient contraceptives for women. Physicians still warn that women should exercise caution when choosing this as their contraceptive because it has been implicated over the years in a number of lawsuits for its serious side-effects. Women should research their chosen IUD or any birth control method thoroughly before choosing to go on them.

mirena intrauterine device

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