Sunday, April 27, 2008


One simple way to green living and better health is breastfeeding. Mothers naturally produce milk for their children, and although science has tried to match human milk it has failed. Breast milk meets the nutritional needs of children and in time changes as your child changes. Breastfeeding provides children with the closeness, both physical and emotional, that they require. The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement advocating breast milk as the ideal, exclusive food for babies in the first six months of life. They also recommended that breast-feeding continue for at least 12 months, or longer if mutually desired. A great resource for information on breastfeeding is the La Leche League.

There are some rare circumstances when a woman is unable to feed her child. There are resources in these circumstances. There are worldwide milk banks that can supply breast milk to these children. Milk banks are also a great resource if you're lactating and would be interested in donating extra milk. For more information visit the National Milk Bank.

Our society needs to change its views on breastfeeding. In the last century we managed to reverse the natural way that children feed. Here is a great video that focuses on public breastfeeding.

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