Monday, January 28, 2008

Flu Vaccines

I saw an article today stating that the rate of flu vaccination is lower than the government wants. I wonder if this is a freak chance, or if people are starting to realize that most flu vaccines contain mercury. At the beginning of flu season this past year the Organic Consumers Union reported that over 80% of flu shots in the US contain thimerosal. The full article can be found in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

For more information about the thimerosal content of vaccines visit this site by the FDA. I think most parents will be surprised to learn that Hep B, the only vaccination scheduled by the CDC to be given to children at birth, contains thimerosal. Compounded with the fact that most people are not exposed to Hep B until they are at least teenagers, the timing of this vaccine is questionable.

We're still researching the effect of mercury in humans. The University of Calgary has done some interesting research that shows how mercury damages brain cells. You can watch video of it here. I can't say that thimerosal is to blame for the increased rates of autism and ADD, however I can't say that it is not at least part of the cause either.

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